Back Dimples

Also known as Dimples of Venus.

We all have dimples on our lower back/ above our butt because of our skeletal and muscular structure, not our genes. Everyone has them, but if you are overweight, or storing excess fat around that area, you may not be able to see them. i've never seen a person without them, but then I've always noticed slim people more. This is because of the shape of the bone underneath. The lower part of the vertabrae above the coccyx is the sacrum, and it is one bone that is made of 5 forged bones, causing an irregular flat bone. This causes the dimples.

A sacral dimple is an indentation in the skin on the lower back that is present at the time of birth. The dimple is usually small, shallow and can be found above the buttocks. Researchers do not know what causes sacral dimples, but generally they are harmless and do not need any medical treatment. However, a sacral dimple can reveal a more serious abnormality involving the spine and/or spinal cord, such as spina bifida. If the dimple is large, red, swollen, tender or accompanied by fluid, a doctor will likely perform a series of tests to rule out a more serious condition. Ultrasounds, MRI’s and physical examinations are all used to make a clear diagnosis.

Most of the time, sacral dimples are harmless and don't require your child to receive medical treatment. Parents and caregivers should keep the dimple clean and dry. A sacral dimple can become infected and form a cyst, which would need medical treatment and possibly surgery to drain or remove the cyst.