Chin Dimples

When someone tells you to “chin up,” it’s supposed to be a way of encouraging positivity and confidence. However, not all of us are keen on drawing attention to our chins. Millions of folks are self-conscious about the distinguishing crease, or cleft, that often appears in the center of the chin. Even those who wear their cleft chins with pride (think Tom Brady or actor Aaron Eckhart) probably have had to endure that most unfortunate derogatory nick-name: “butt chin.” Ironically, though, for every person wishing to rid themselves of a cleft chin, there are many who would happily acquire such a feature for its classier associations. If you’ve ever thought about undergoing cosmetic chin surgery for either the addition or subtraction of a chin crease, many of the country’s finest plastic surgeons now offer cleft chin surgery as a popular new service option.

Those born with a cleft chin have a dimple not just in their skin, but in the bone beneath it. To “correct” or fill a cleft chin, a small chin surgery, or chin augmentation, can be used to reshape the underlying area. Your surgeon may use real bone or a synthetic implant. The chin implant is placed below the mentalis muscle (the muscle of your chin) to round out the shape of the chin. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to create a chin dimple, special implants that create the appearance of a cleft are used. Side effects of either type of chin surgery may include swelling and minimal scarring. Chin surgeries are typically non-reversible.

As another option for those interested in cleft chin removal, Botox injections can compensate for the bone depression creating the cleft by calming the chin muscle. After the treatment is injected into the muscle, it lies flatter, and the skin smoothes out, diminishing the cleft.

If you are interested in eliminating or creating a cleft chin, get the facts by scheduling an appointment with a certified plastic surgeon. Plastic Surgery Portal provides you with a network of qualified doctors who will help you understand the procedures available and the best option for your unique case.