Dimple Surgery

The procedure to create dimples costs anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000. The demand for dimples comes from young and old and crosses all socioeconomic, ethnic and cultural boundaries. In his practice 65% of those wanting to dimple up are women. They usually want cheek dimples, while men often prefer the chin variety.

Cheek dimples are created by an incision made inside the mouth. As an outpatient procedure, it's done in about ten minutes under local anesthetic. Once fully healed, which can take anywhere from a week to a month, a smile will bring it on.

Natural-born dimples are technically defects, points out MSNBC. The inherited trait is caused by a small adhesion where the skin meets the cheek muscle.

Experts are less than enthusiastic about the procedure, warning that its long-term effects are unknown.
The dimples will also not look entirely natural, as they remain permanently rather than appearing only when you grin. The operation, dimpleplasty, involves making a tiny cut in the skin to create a small depression.
A stitch is then used to tack the underside of the skin down to a deeper layer and hold it in place. Once the suture dissolves, permanent scar tissue will remain to maintain the dimple.
A spokesman for plastic surgeons SurgiCare said: 'There is a worrying rise in demand for "designer dimples" as women go to ever extreme lengths to look like their favourite celebrities, including Cheryl Cole. The growing phenomenon has hit UK shores after a rapid rise in popularity in America.